Beath High School pupils enjoyed a magical time after visiting the Warner Brothers film studios near London where the Harry Potter movies were made. 

The kids were all fans of the boy wizard's adventures and spent more than five hours at the site, learning all about the films, how they were made and marvelling at the sets and props.

They then got to fly a broomstick, complete some wand training, and practice calling for their brooms.

The new area of Gringotts Bank, where goblins look after the money in the JK Rowling stories, amazed and astounded everyone.

A Beath spokesperson laughed: "We won’t give away any spoilers, but let’s just say, their gold is safe with the mystical animal they have guarding it!"

After a short shopping trip around Covent Garden, Aladdin was the show of choice. The pupils laughed and danced their way through the film, enraptured by the colours, songs and jokes from the Genie.

Star spotting on the Friday at Madame Tussauds completed the trip and, after a busy few days, they headed back to Scotland, singing and laughing their way home.