FROM August 2019 Beath High School's house structure is changing. New house names have been decided and voted upon.

Currently Beath has a three house structure with Kirkford, Stenhouse and Woodside being the possible destinations for pupils during their time at secondary school. However with school structure changes there will now be four houses at Beath, each with a new name.

Current pupils, new pupils, staff and parents have voted to rename the houses after Scottish Lochs: Lomond, Rannoch, Katrine and Ness being the new names voted for.

Houses are an important part of pupils' time at Beath, it is a place they are set into on their first day of S1 and remain in for the rest of their schooling. It helps give them an identity, a support network and a sense of pride as they compete yearly for the House Championship. There is also an element of history surrounding each house with siblings and other family members often being members of the same house for generations.

Alicia Howatt and Ellie Mudd, two S5 pupils that are senior members of the Beath Pupil Union, the group involved in organising the vote said:

"It is sad to see our old house names go but exciting to have the opportunity to help build new houses values"

Already the Pupil Union are looking at how pupils can quickly feel part of their new house: "One of the ideas we have had is the possibility of each house visiting their loch to raise house ethos."

Youth Enterprise alive and well

A GROUP of Beath High School social entrepreneurs had great day at the Festival of Youth Enterprise 2019.

The event was hosted at RBS Gogarburn and pupils had great opportunities in meeting a wide range of organisations that gave them inspiration of how they can be the entrepreneurs of the future.

The event was held by Young Enterprise Scotland and pupils were given hands on enterprise experience through the delivery of a wide range of workshops. Beath High school pupils left the event enthused and excited and they cannot wait to put what they have learned into practice.

The enthusiasm and skills that they learned on the day will help drive both the Young Entrepreneurs and BEEP (Beath Entrepreneurial Enterprise Partnership) social enterprise groups. Enterprise is very much on the up at Beath High School.