COWDENBEATH Environmental Group gave been really busy this year and they are confident their work will impress the Beautiful Fife judges.

They started with the community woodland where all the furniture has been given a make-over including benches signage and leaflet boxes and bins.

Additional bird boxes have been installed and a first for the group a bug hotel! A tree management programme has also been introduced.

Said one of the Enviro Group members: "Dalbeath Marsh our local nature reserve not to be outdone sees the interpretation board upgraded and the group regularly doing pruning trimming and litter picks.

"In the millennium garden which has also had some work done. Again additional bird boxes added.

"A new litter bin and seat have been installed and the old litter bin given a makeover. Up at the top of Bridge Street the bench was given a facelift, and bird boxes, bird tables and bug habitats have been gifted to the local primary schools.

"In between all of this regular litter picks are conducted at all of the above sites keeping the countryside litter free.

"May I say a lot of this would not be possible without advice and assistance from management and staff at parks and open spaces.

"We are also indebted to the volunteers young and old who help us in our hour of need. Past and present .They know who they are, and also to local businesses and individuals who have donated materials throughout the past year".

The Enviro Group made an appeal to the people of the Cowdenbeath area: "To finish off we would just like to ask that when you are out and about, with Beautiful Fife Judging just around the corner.

"Can we request that you place your litter in any of the bins provided or take it home. Last year Cowdenbeath returned a Silver Gilt award can we go one better this year?

"With everyone's help we can achieve more. There is a lot of work going on in and around Cowdenbeath at the moment. Let's extend it out into the countryside and encourage locals and visitors alike to be able to enjoy what we have."