COWDENBEATH have hit out a statement made by Stenhousemuir blaming the Blue Brazil for them having to pull out of signing Harvey Swann.

The left sided 21 year-old player was one of the players manager Gary Bollan retained at the end of the season but in midweek Stenny indicated that they were going to sign the lad who has been with Cowden since a youngster.

Then the Warriors issued a statement yesterday (Thursday) suggesting that they had been forced out of signing Harvey due to Cowden asking for an over the top compensation payment.

But Cowden hit this morning by stating: "Supporters and others may be aware of an assertion by Stenhousemuir FC that appeared to suggest the signing of Harvey Swann.

"This was prominently displayed by the Club on its website followed by an assertion that it had decided not to continue with the signing because of the amount of compensation being claimed by Cowdenbeath FC. Neither of these claims were accurate.

"Harvey was our player and was not in a position to sign for another Club. He has been offered a new contract and if he decided to go elsewhere then Cowdenbeath will be entitled to a measure of compensation but NO discussions had taken place between Cowdenbeath and Stenhousemuir".

Chairman Donald Findlay added: “I am deeply unimpressed by the actions of Stenhousemuir FC.

"This not how we do business and I have made my views known to their chairman who apologised.

"However, I am more concerned about the impact of all of this on Harvey.

"The welfare of all our staff is of paramount importance. I am very sorry if this has proved to be upsetting for him and we will do what we can for him. That said the blame will lie at the door of Stenhousemuir not us”.