DISCOUNT retailers Lidl has applied for permission to change the times of delivery permitted when their new Cowdenbeath store opens.

Planning permission previously granted will allow the store to open between 7am and 11pm however the company is seeking to extend the permitted hours of servicing/deliveries so deliveries can take place from 5am.

In a statement to planners requesting the change, Lidl say that the alterations would not see an increase to the number of vehicles coming to the site at North End Park but would allow greater flexibility.

It stated: "The current application is seeking an extension to the hours permitted for these service deliveries. It is not seeking to extend trading hours for the store.

"This will support the operation of the store so that it is able to provide the highest quality of service to its customers in the local area as well as ensuring the

continued viability of the store and its ability to provide important local employment.

"It is important to note that this proposed amendment to the condition will not increase the number of deliveries to the store each day, rather the number of deliveries will remain the same but it will simply extend the period during which they can be made."

Lidl is due to open later this year and will include an in-store bakery, longer-style tills with dual packing facilities, customer toilets and baby changing facilities as well as improved welfare facilities for employees.