LOCAL MP Peter Grant praised the work being done in Cardenden by volunteers of the Community Development Forum.

The MP for Glenrothes and Central Fife met with volunteers from the Forum at the highly successful Community Shop in the village and viewed some of their successful projects.

Mr Grant met with representatives from the Cardenden Community Development Forum to see and hear about some of the local projects they have funded and are bringing back into public use.

Mr Grant was shown the newly refurbished “Dunc’s View”, the refurbished viewing area off Gammie Place; as well as the mini community garden at Nanny’s Corner – the former site of a local paper shop, which had fallen into dereliction.

An unexpected bonus was seeing a Roe Deer grazing near Dunc’s View, just yards from the bustle of the Station Road shops.

The Cardenden Community Development Forum are a self-sufficient group who fund their projects through the proceeds of the village’s community shop, which has been a major success story itself. Their main aim is to improve the village for everyone who lives there, as well as creating spaces and plaques to remember local heritage.

Mr Grant said: “It was really good to catch up with members of the group and see some of the work they’re doing on behalf of the community. “