THE continued lack of operational pedestrian crossings on Cowdenbeath High Street is causing concern for a local councillor.

The massive project to upgrade the town's High Street has seen lot of excellent improvements including the former Green Square near the railway bridge being turned into effectively a sizeable town square.

The High Street improvements works in Cowdenbeath have posed some frustrations for business owners and visitors as there appears to be issues which have remained unresolved, particularly regarding the pedestrian crossings either side of the railway bridge.

Cowdenbeath Councillor Darren Watt said: "I completely understand the frustrations felt by everyone.

"Business owners, shoppers and local residents have been incredibly patient and understanding throughout, however, when they see things like the new pedestrian crossings not yet in operation, they are right to ask questions."

With Cowdenbeath High Street as busy as ever through passing traffic the thoroughfare is not easy to cross.

Added Councillor Watt: "I have followed up these concerns about the crossings to Fife Council on a number of occasions and I am extremely disappointed not to have received any explanation let alone any meaningful acknowledgement or feedback.

"This is completely unacceptable. I'm sure everyone would understand if the delays were outwith Council's control but some simple insight from the relevant Council officers would go a long way."

He concluded: "Visitors to our town centre and High Street are very anxious about crossing the road, especially now traffic has returned to full flow.

"We have a lot of elderly and less mobile residents as well as parents with young children and we should need to be doing everything we can do ensure they feel safe and confident visiting our High Street."

Andrew Walker, of Fife Council, hopes that the parts required to get the crossings up and running would arrive sometime this week.