RESIDENTS of the Cowdenbeath-Lochgelly area will have to get their food waste bags at a series of centres throughout the district.

Fife Council will no longer deliver the bags to homes and people needing these to recycle their food waste for their brown bins will have the opportunity to collect them at well advertised centres.

Cowdenbeath Area Committee was told by Environmental Strategy Officer, Simon Jeynes, said that a decision was made to improve the spread of food waste bag collection points while it was agreed that one third of food waste bags would continue to be supplied to recycling centres like the facilities at Cartmore, in Lochgelly, and Cuddyhouse Road, in Cowdenbeath.

The current collection points for bag collection include Bowhill Centre, the Corrie Centre, Kelty Community Centre, the Maxwell Centre, the Lochore Meadows Visitor Centre, Beath High Community Use and Lochgelly High Community Use, Crossgates Community Centre, and Lochgelly Centre.

Councillor Mary Lockhart contended: "The Local Office is closed in Benarty on a Monday so why not ask the Community Shop in Benarty Square to help distribute the bags."

Councillor Alex Campbell agreed and said: "It is so very important that people know exactly where they can access these bags in their own community."

Councillor Alistair Bain added: "We cannot afford this all to go ahead without the public being fully aware about what is going to take place."

Mr Jeynes assured: "The centres where the bags will be available will be well advertised to ensure people know where to go in their community."