FIFE Council have stressed that they do not run the Mossmorran safety and Liaison Committee.

Mossmorran Action Group chairman James Glen, in his comments on the findings of a survey published by ExxonMobil which asked for comments from the members of communities surrounding the plant on their thoughts about the FEP, said MAG would ask Fife Council to scrap the committee.

He commented: "The minutes of the last meeting of the Safety & Liaison Committee show once and for all that it is completely unfit for purpose....Since the Liaison Committee comes under the auspices of Fife Council, MAG will be seeking an urgent meeting with Council leaders...."

Fife Council don't administer or run this committee and Morag Ferguson, Head of Legal and Democratic Services, said: "Mossmorran and Braefoot Bay Community and Safety Liaison Committee was set up many years ago to act as a liaison between the companies based at Mossmorran and representatives of the local communities surrounding the plant.

"As local authority our role is to appoint three elected members to sit on that committee, we do not administer the committee. The three Fife Council members of the committee are Cllrs Alistair Bain, Kathleen Leslie and David Barrat."

While councillors sit on the committee the local authority has no jurisdiction over how it is made up.