A £100,000 roads project to upgrade the B920 at Ballingry is on hold while a new housing estate is being completed.

Cowdenbeath Area Committee heard that the stretch of Lochleven Road from Ballingry Crescent to up to past the Auld Shank was earmarked for a £105,000 upgrade.

However, councillors were told that the project could be on hold for at least 12 months while the housing area to the east of the township was finished.

The Roads Department's Nigel Hampton reported that the contractors were in the middle of the construction of the housing estate and there were more homes to go up.

"It is sensible to wait until the work is finished before the resurfacing goes ahead," he added.

Committee convener Councillor Linda Erskine said: "There is a lot of movement of heavy vehicles just now so this is a sensible move."

Councillor Mary Lockhart said that the development would see a lot more vehicles on what is already a busy road and traffic calming would be important once the estate is finished.

She added: "There have been several accidents down towards the Miners Memorial Garden in recent times and traffic will be even heavier on a daily basis.

"Hopefully when the housing project is completed we can see something in place which will ensure that traffic speeds are kept under proper control."

Mr Hampton did confirm that a controlled crossing for the stretch is included in the plans.