LOCAL Politicians have given their backing to the Times' campaign which aims to curb speeding on local roads.

As featured in last week's paper, Think Speed was launched last week after your local paper announced it was linking up with the Cowdenbeath Community Police team, the Central Fife Crime Prevention Panel, Cowdenbeath Area Committee and local primary schools and community councils to persuade drivers to Think Before You Speed. Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath MP Lesley Laird was happy to offer her support.

“I welcome the Central Fife Times’ Think Before You Speed campaign and hope it gets the message across," she said. “Speeding in built-up areas is unacceptable because, as most drivers know, a child could just unexpectedly run out in front of a car. As a result, most people adapt their speed accordingly – they know they must be able to hit the brakes and stop at short distances.

“Drivers who choose to speed past primary schools are playing Russian roulette. It’s completely reckless, totally unnecessary, and always brings a risk of tragedy; a tragedy which takes a split second to happen but can cause a lifetime of grief.

“Cutting a journey time by speeding is never worth it. Think safety and slow down.”

Cowdenbeath MSP Annabelle Ewing also gave the campaign her backing.

She said: “The Think Speed campaign is one I wholeheartedly welcome and endorse. I want to thank all the groups that have got together to promote this very important message, not least the Central Fife Times, whose assistance in spreading the word is extremely helpful.

“I really would urge all drivers to think about where their speed can lead, particularly around our schools. A couple of minutes off your journey really isn’t worth the anguish that would be caused to so many if the worst happened. Think about the unthinkable and cut your speed!"

Cowdenbeath Councillor Alex Campbell said speed initiatives in Edinburgh had proved successful and he hoped motorists would take note in Central Fife.

"I have been working on a project getting Kelty Main Street reduced to 20mph," he said. "I will totally support any campaign that will reduce speed in built up areas. They have introduced 20mph zones in Edinburgh and, going forward, it has reduced casualties and got more awareness.

"I support anything that would increase safety and reduce speed. It is a key issue for all our local communities."

Fellow Cowdenbeath Councillor Darren Watt is also in favour.

He added: "I very much welcome the campaign by the Central Fife Times. It is an issue that comes up frequently whether it is at school meetings, parent councils or community councils. It is quite evident that we need to tackle this issue and take it quite seriously before someone is seriously injured or even killed."