QUICK thinking led to a dog handler being towed to safety by a make-shift rescue team in Kelty.

Mary Grant had a 'ruff' day on Thursday last week after breaking her ankle while teaching puppies at KDW Doggy Daycare.

Paramedics attended the scene but, as she was stranded on uneven land, near Cantsdam, far away from the centre, they couldn't take her to the ambulance safely.

That's when a little tractor turned out to save the day.

Debbie Clarke, company owner, said: "She was in the field doing agility training with the dogs and it never looked like she had hurt herself initially.

"It turns out she had dislocated and broken her ankle while turning quickly and falling to the floor.

"We phoned for an ambulance and removed all the dogs from the field.

"The terrain was really uneven, so she was difficult to manoeuvre. I thought we were going to need to call for an air ambulance but there was no way they would be able to land it, and a normal ambulance wouldn't be able to make it either."

Despite breaking her ankle, Mary appeared to be in good spirits throughout the ordeal, especially when help arrived in the form of Debbie's partner, Mark.

"We have a small 4x4 tractor that was just perfect," Debbie commented.

"We hooked it to the stretcher and ended up pulling her across the fields."

Mary was set to undergo an operation on Monday and is likely to be off work for around six months.

Debbie added: "She'll certainly be a big miss to us."