COWDENBEATH Environment Group was shocked by their latest discovery on Monday night.

They did a litter pick at the Community Woodland between the town and Crossgates and during their work they came across a fair amount of debris.

But the surprise of all things they came across was a carpet dumped behind the welcome to Cowdenbeath sign on Bridge Street.

They were expecting to have a fair bit to pick up in the Woodland itself, as they do every spring, but the last thing they expected was a carpet at the Welcome sign.

And whoever dumped the carpet took a lot of time and effort to achieve their goal.

Said one of the Enviro Group members: "We did a general litter pick of the community woodland on Saturday and collected a fair amount of items.. "However, was over at Bridge Street on Monday night and found dumped behind the welcome to Cowdenbeath sign a carpet.

"The person involved has driven their car up to the sign, taken the carpet out, dumped it and their gloves, and then driven off again.

"It may not seem that much in the big picture of illegal dumping but just shows how much some people just do not seem to care about their local community".

He added: "Surely it would have been easier to take the carpet to the Recycling Centre."