MOSSMORRAN Action Group chair James Gen has hit back at FEP boss Jacob McAlister's claim that the door is open for MAG reps to meet with plant people.

James Glen said that the ExxonMobil decision not to come this evening's meeting at Lochgelly Town Hall shows the company's complete contempt for the communities who host their plant and who have been forced to endure unacceptable impacts in terms of pollution, light, noise and vibration.

Said Mr Glen: "It is ridiculous for a company of 71,000 employees to suggest no one is available.

"To suggest further that they do not view the meeting as an opportunity for “fair, constructive and informed discussion“ shows just how little respect they have for local people and their political representatives from all parties, who will be there tonight.

"Instead ExxonMobil has offered private meetings at the plant with MAG reps. I have been to the plant twice at the operators' invitation, and it's nothing more than a propaganda tour".

He added: "ExxonMobil also point to their work on the Mossmorran Safety & Liaison Committee and the Fife Council Air Quality Monitoring Group.

"Both these groups have been utterly ineffectual in getting the communities' concerns addressed, they meet in private, behind closed doors, and with members of the Liaison Group accepting expensive dinners and days out from the operators, no one trusts them.

"The more ExxonMobil tries to pretend there is no issue worthy of attention at Mossmorran, the angrier people will become and the pressure for greater government investigation and regulation will become irresistible.

"Its no wonder more and more people are calling for the plant to be shut down".

The meeting tonight is at 7pm at Lochgelly Town Hall.