FIFE, Edinburgh and Tayside would be worse hit than any other part of the UK by Labour’s proposed Brexit deal, a stunning new analysis has found.

A new report, Kinglassie MSP Jenny Gilruth revealed, has warned that all regions will end up poorer if the UK leaves the EU with a Tory-Labour Brexit deal – with the east of Scotland facing a £1 billion hit to GDP.

The analysis found that people would be an average of £800 worse off, GDP would shrink by 3% and there would be £13 billion less a year to spend on public services, compared with EU membership.

Commenting, Jenny Gilruth, said: “Brexit – which Scotland did not vote for – is a clear and present danger to our economy, our communities and our public services.

“The only way to protect Scotland’s economy and our vital national interests is to stop Brexit."