THE volunteers who have created a beautiful community woodland feature in Crossgates were shocked to discover vandals have been at work at The Taft.

The vandalism has seen some of the small features maliciously smashed but the volunteers are confident the culprits will be brought to book.

The Group's Angela Harris said: "The culprits - which we believe are local kids - boys and girls - need to realise this isn’t acceptable ..and that they have ruined this area created by volunteers - local donations and grants.

"We have video evidence sent in by an anonymous resident -and three names of those involved so far and some text information between the gang - which will be forwarded to the police.

"We have had a lot of villagers who have been truly supportive and for that we thank them."

The vandalism has shocked a lot of people and the people who created this lovely area have had support and well wishes from hundreds of people and local residents plus support from a local councillor.

Added Angela: "We have had an offer from ASDA for ornaments which we will probably house in trees next?

"We have a video of two girls smashing the fairy and two names. We have text info from the kids involved and we are waiting for police feedback currently".

But Angela added that no one is thinking about giving up with an amazing amount of support: "We have had CCTV cameras offered and many locals wanting to add donations.

"We have had assistance offered from the guides and brownies. We have lost approximately £500 worth of fairy ornaments, but rest assured we will continue the work as planned in the woods.

"Despite this horrible day . ... there are many positives to be gained from the local support."

Crossgates Community Council on Monday night agreed to match fund any donations to assist with repairs to the vandalism up to £200.