TWO young members of the Benarty community were praised by firefighters for alerting them to potentially damaging blaze at Lochore Meadows Country Park.

Kevin Dolan and Carmen Goldie were walking a dog at the Meedies at the end of last week when they spotted gorse well alight.

The youngsters, acted quickly in calling the fire service who were quickly on the scene and were able to tackle the outbreak and stop it spreading.

Kevin, 13, and Carmen, 12, were out with Kevin's great gran's dog when they spotted the fire at about 6.25pm.

Crew manager at Lochgelly Fire Station, Harry McGurk, said that the duo did the right thing: "The actions of Kevin and Carmen were just what was needed.

"When we came down the Station brae, at Lochgelly, we could see the smoke and flames of the outbreak and getting to to it quickly helped us bring the fire under control and then put it out.

"Had we not received the call it could have been something that developed into a blaze which could have caused a lot of damage to the countryside, so I say well done to the pair of them."

Added Harry, himself from Lochore originally but now living in Cowdenbeath: "These outbreaks in the countryside are something which can be pretty regular occurrences at this time of year.

"All it needs is for a small piece of broken glass to be in an area of gorse and with the sun shining on it, the heat builds and the vegetation just bursts into flames which can cause a lot of damage.

"People should try to take litter etc home with them as it could stop situations developing that can become awkward to control."

Kevin's great gran, Violet Fotheringham, said: "Kevin and Carmen were walking my Jack Russell when they spotted the blaze.

"They are a quick thinking youngsters and it was great what they did and the firefighters appreciated their help."

Local community campaigner, Brian Menzies, was out and about with his camera and took the photographs which we are pleased to be able to use with our story.