A LOCHGELLY resident hit out at 'irresponsible parking' in the town's Station Road.

Roy Greig has become very frustrated at the way people think it is alright to just use the pavement for parking waiting to pick up a child from the nearby St Patrick's Primary School.

Said Roy: "That was the scene around 3pm on Thursday outside my house as parents wait/go to collect their children from St Patrick’s Primary School.

"My daughter-in-law had to squeeze between one of them to for fear of scratching it. She’s a size 8 by the way!

"This is TOTALLY unacceptable; if an invalid carriage was trying to pass, it would not have been possible, or a person with a pram would have no chance! This really has to stop!!"

The Central Fife Crime Prevention Panel has been championing sensible parking at the area's primary schools and has purchased a series of pop-up kids which carry messages geared to make drivers think about where they are depositing their cars.

Said the panel's vice chairman Dave Roy: "Mr Greig is quite right to be unhappy with this situation.

"Not only is it disrespectful, irresponsible and dangerous, but this sort of parking also restricts pedestrians and wheelchair users and forces them onto the road".