MSP Alex Rowley is asking workers to write to their MSP’s and tell them their views on the proposed ‘Workplace Parking Levy’

The Labour politician, who spoke out in the Scottish Parliament describing the proposal as ‘half baked’ and ‘ill-considered,’ has warned that workers across Fife who need a car to get to their work will be penalised by up to £400 a year.

The MSP for Mid Scotland and Fife, highlighted Rosyth Dockyard and the Diageo Plant in Leven as two large employers who have workers travelling from all over.

He said; “There are many communities who do not have good public transport for these workers to use and the proposal is that the workers will be penalised because they need to use their car to get to work".

Rowley also warned that parking congestion problems around schools and workplaces will spill over into the streets as teachers, police officers, council workers and others choose not to use the parking places in the grounds of the workplace and instead park on the streets.

Speaking to the Times Mr Rowley said; “The SNP and Greens are trying to dress this proposed punitive tax up as an environment tax but actually it will alienate workers and do very little to help the environment.

"If we are to tackle climate change then we must take people with us and work together to do so. Slapping a £400 a year parking tax on workers will not achieve anything other than alienate people, take money out the pockets of workers and potentially cause mayhem in the surrounding streets. I am urging people to let their MSPs know what they think about this proposal”.

The proposed tax was agreed between the SNP and Greens as part of the Government budget with the proposal going through parliament now as part of the new Transport Bill. NHS Staff will be exempt from the tax with all other workers included. The local council will have the power to bring in other exemptions as they choose.