COWDENBEATH Councillor, Darren Watt, will be hosting a public meeting on Monday May 20 alongside Mid-Scotland and Fife MSPs, Liz Smith and Alexander Stewart, to consider concerns raised by parents about Beath High School.

Following on from a recent inspection and poor league table placing, Cllr Watt will be hosting an open public meeting at 1pm on Monday May 20 at the Maxwell Centre in Stenhouse Street, to discuss ongoing concerns regarding Beath High.

Everyone is welcome to go along and share their views, opinions and experiences.

The recent inspection saw the school directed to make certain improvements and rector Steven Ross said last week that action was already being taken to address issues.

Cllr Watt said; “Over the last few months, many parents got in touch and spoke of a number of concerns at the High School, including the current league table placing, the recent inspection and the lack of subject choice for exams.

"It quickly became apparent, their concerns were echoed throughout the ward so I have set up a meeting so I can hear directly from parents, families and carers.”

He added: “I do however want to make it clear, that many issues appear to be legacy issues and have no reflection on the new rector Mr Ross or his leadership team.

"I have met with Mr Ross on a number of occasions and have built up a good working relationship with him.

"I am confident he is the right person to implement the progressive and positive changes the school needs and he has my full support.

!I will use this meeting as a means to bridge the gap between the school and the parents whilst ensuring trust, transparency and openness is paramount. At the end of the day, the pupils are at the centre of this and for the sake of their well-being and future prospects, we must all come together to ensure any concerns raised are addressed quickly, appropriately and efficiently.”

The open public meeting takes place at the Maxwell Centre in Cowdenbeath on Monday May 20 at 1pm.