NOW based in the town, charity Fife Headway is organising a street collection in Lochgelly on Thursday (May 16) to raise much needed funds.

For 30 years Fife Headway has been helping local people cope with the often devastating effects of brain injury.

Fife Headway have recently opened an office in Ore Valley Business Centre, in Main Street, but as yet it is not fully operational due to a shortage of volunteers.

In 2016/17, 1,647 people were admitted to hospital from the NHS Fife area with a diagnosis related to acquired brain injury, most as a result of a stroke, brain tumour or trauma.

Lochgelly woman Christine McGrath a popular member of the town's Development Forum, has been a volunteer with Headway for some years and she said: "Across the UK someone is admitted to hospital every 90 seconds with an ABI-related diagnosis.

"This is an invisible epidemic, the majority of these people will need at least some short term support.

"Many will need long-term support to help rebuild their lives and once again play an active role in the community..

"Whether they have been affected as a result of trauma, stroke, infection of illness, the people relying on our support turned to Headway, the brain injury association which is the leading voice for brain injury survivors, their families and carers across the UK."

Christine added: "The new office in the Ore Valley Business Centre needs more volunteers and if you would consider being a Headway volunteer please contact us and arrange a visit to discuss possible volunteering opportunities over a cuppa. Just call 01592 786702 or email

"Meanwhile look out for us on the streets of Lochgelly on Thursday, we will all be wearing hats for the forthcoming Headway Day which will take place on Friday 24th May."