AN electrician who threw a hot aluminium tray at a police officer in Cowdenbeath has avoided a jail sentence.

Wayne Hardy was provoked by police presence after causing a scene at The Beath Inn.

He then heated up a tray and threw at a police officer.

Hardy, 37, now of Segal House, Dunfermline, previously admitted that on January 24 at The Beath Inn, High Street, Cowdenbeath, he did assault a female constable then in the execution of her duty and did throw a hot aluminium tray at her.

And he did resist, obstruct or hinder two constables then in the execution of their duty and did struggle violently with them.

Depute Fiscal Alistair McDermott told Dunfermline Sheriff Court that Hardy had went to the public house but "some kind of incident developed" at the premises at 22.30.

Hardy lived just above the pub at the time and police attended at around 11 pm.

While speaking to the accused, officers witnessed Hardy putting a tray on top of a stove and igniting the gas.

Officers became concerned about his intentions and they went to take control of him but he threw the tray at a constable, narrowly missing her head. Hardy was then arrested on the ground.

Defence solicitor, Danielle Varela, explained that because of the close proximity of the pub to Hardy's he was on good terms with the landlord and had come to an understanding that he would help with the odd job, being an electrician by trade.

"He would be rewarded with an alcoholic beverage," she said.

One the day in question he had finished up for the day and had some alcohol at his own address and then went down to the public house.

Ms Varela continued: "He was served one but then refused a second.

"He was asked to leave and he was not happy but he did ultimately leave. He thought that was the end of the matter but police officers attended to see him. He could not see why they had been called.

"He then acted in the manner described.

"There was no real weight or force and there was no damage to the door. He says it does not remember much but that his action was totally unacceptable.

"Alcohol is something that has been a problem in the past. He fell off the wagon again in 2017 after his mother's death.

"He lost the support of his step-father and his accommodation because of alcohol.

"He is now in a better place."

Sheriff Charles Macnair said: "If you keep going the way you are at the moment then you will end up in custody.

"Throwing a hot tray at a police officer is a very serious matter.

"It was quite clear why the police wanted to speak to you."

Hardy was placed on a restriction of liberty order for 135 days and 30 hours was added to two outstanding community payback orders.