A FAMILY from the United States has what they feel is an important part of them in Bowhill.

Mary, Dave, Lori and Lisa came from America to see a side of their family they never knew.

After the passing of their brother Thomas McTague in 2015, and the recent passing of their father Arthur McTague, who grew up 1 of 12 children, family history and connections became very important.

Arthur immigrated to the United States at the age of 21 and went on to raise a family of five. Those children always felt a void in their lives not knowing their large family in Scotland.

After their father's passing, the McTague children were determined to fill that void and meet their extended family.

Fife Council also approved, via their family's funds, two memorial benches for Arthur McTague and Thomas McTague to honour their lives.

These benches are located at Bowhill Colliery, at the site dedicated to the coal miners who passed. Arthur's father, Thomas McTague was a coal miner himself.

Mary, Dave, Lori and Lisa said: "We are so grateful to our extended family here who made this dedication possible.

"Our cousin Ann, of Booking Memories Travel Agency, was very instrumental in facilitating this. Additionally, we have the privilege of enjoying this beautiful area with the knowledge and compassion of our amazing extended family.

"We would say to any walkers if you need a break, the family encourages you to stop by and enjoy this beautiful countryside".