COUNCILLORS Lea McLelland and Rosemary Liewald are teaming up with MSP Annabelle Ewing to tour the Ward 8 constituency to find out people's views on local issues.

On Monday the councillors, and Ms Ewing, were in Benarty and had a good day finding out a lot a lot of good information about issues that were needing addressing.

Said Councillor McLelland: "Monday was a really interesting day and we found out about some problems with the pavements in Navitie Park and also about concerns with the former grounds of the old Benarty Community Centre.

"People want to see that area brought back into use and one of the ideas was a car park and another was a children's playpark."

Added the Benarty based councillor: "It is about going to the public and finding out what is concerning them and Monday was a follow up to a day in Cardenden we had which also brought some really interesting issues to us.

"Myself, Rosemary and Annabelle have found it very rewarding and have found out a lot of interesting things and we will be visiting Lochgelly within the next couple of weeks.

"Some people do not have time to come to surgeries to tell us things and this sees us going to meet them, whether it be in the street or through knocking on a few doors."