CHANGES in no waiting restrictions on Main Street, Chapel Street and High Street, Lochgelly, will improve road safety, Cowdenbeath Area Committee was told on Wednesday.

Councillors heard that a review of the Traffic Road Orders providing waiting restrictions in the High Street/Main Street area of the town had raised some disparities between what should be on the ground and what is actually on the ground.

The Transportation Department's Phil Clarke said that the review also gave the opportunity to bring restrictions into line with present day requirements.

He said that Church Street was a one-way street southbound entering off Main Street and currently there was 15 metres of No waiting No loading at Any Time double yellow lines and double loading kerb bars at the junction. It was proposed to reduce the prohibition by approximately five metres on the west side of the road, which would allow one more vehicle to park without compromising the entrance to the street.

On Main Street Mr Clake said: "The section of Main Street between High Street and Bank Street has a length of 'No Waiting'/ 'NoLoading Monday to Saturday 8am to 6pm along the north side, however, over the years the single line has not been well maintained and drivers park along the full length.

"Again this is a one way section heading westwards and vehicles parking on both sides do not seem to to cause an obstruction.

"It is therefore proposed that the Single Yellow Line restriction should be removed.

"It is also proposed that the No Waiting No Loading At Any Time restriction outside numbers 128/134 should be reduced by approximately three metres to match the lining on the ground."

On Main Street, High Street and Hall Street he said that the town house building and the area on the west side of High Street between Hall Street and Main Street have been developed into residential homes.

He added: "The whole area is No Waiting At Any Time/No Loading At Any Time but it is proposed to reduced this to No Waiting At Any Time double yellow lines. This will keep the junctions clear of parked cars but the residents would then be permitted to load/unload to their properties before parking their vehicles in the car park provided for their use.

"As far as High Street is concerned it is proposed to extend the NWAAT restriction to cover the location of the speed cushions outside No 23 on both sides of the road and on Park Street the NWAAT restrictions should be reduced by around nine metres on both sides of the road to match the length of the lines marked on the ground."

Mr Clarke contended that these moves would be in the interests of road safety and that these traffic restrictions be promoted and this was unanimously agreed by the committee.