A MAN with a history of domestic violence has appeared again in Court for threatening behaviour towards his ex-partner in Cowdenbeath.

Kieran Mcauley, 45, of Wilson Street, Dunfermline, previously admitted that on February 24 at an address in Cowdenbeath, he did behave in a threatening or abusive manner which was likely to cause a reasonable person to suffer fear or alarm in that he did repeatedly shout, swear, act in an aggressive manner and utter threats of violence towards his ex-partner, another woman and her family.

Dunfermline Sheriff Court heard Mcauley had been released on bail but had previously been in custody for the matter.

He came back for sentencing last Wednesday after reports were requested from criminal justice officials.

Defence solicitor, David McLaughlin, said: "Candidly, it's not a particularly a favourable report.

"He is someone with a fairly lengthy record for domestic offences, but this report suggests that he is suitable for the Caledonian System requirement, but that requires a further supplementary report.

"Since his release from custody he has made every effort to present himself in a positive manner and he has not offended.

"He has a history of domestic offending and what we gave here is something that is supposed to help him and the public by stopping him re-offending.

"We are dealing with entrenched alcohol problems here, but he has been attending for appointments with Alcoholics Anonymous.

"I would ask the Court to see if he is a suitable candidate for the Caledonian System."

Sheriff Craig McSherry deferred sentence for reports until May 22.