THE campaign to persuade motorists to slow down in the Cowdenbeath-Lochgelly area is set to be launched at the beginning of May.

The Times is joining up with the Community Police Team, the Central Fife Crime Prevention Panel, local schools and Cowdenbeath Area Committee, to stress to drivers that the 20mph, 30mph and 40mph signs are there for a reason and think about what speed you are doing when you are behind the wheel.

New Community Sergeant for the Cowdenbeath Area, Kate Blackwell, is a strong advocate of avoiding exceeding the speed limit: "We have a number of problem areas in our villages and towns which see cars and other vehicles persistently going too fast.

"Around schools it is important that the 20mph limits are adhered to and hopefully this initiative will get over to drivers the importance of avoiding speeding."

The campaign will involve the Junior Road Safety Officers at local primary schools playing their part in trying to get over that the speed limit signs are there for a reason.

Community Inspector Gavin Cameron added: "In today's world, when so much is going on often drivers don't realise how fast they are going.

"Hopefully we can get over to them that is important that they keep their eye on their speedometer and stick to the limit in operation where they are driving."

The areas around all 16 of the area's primary schools, and both Lochgelly and Beath High Schools, are important 20mph zones.

Of course it is not just in the built-up areas that speed limits are often ignored. Just recently on the A92 East Fife Regional Road cars have been tracked at down well in excess of 100mph on the stretch between Crossgates and Lochgelly!

The Times is delighted to be playing its part in this important campaign and hopes that the initiative will help make the streets of the area safer.