THE manager of Lochore Meadows Country Park this week assured the public that the playpark areas are litter picked very morning at 7.30am.

The assurance came after a child found what he thought was a Kinder capsule at Lochore Meadows Country Park, but rather than a chocolate egg inside it his mum found small pills.

These, she thought, resembled diazapam tablets and the mum was shocked with the discovery and was delighted that she had opened the capsule rather than her child.

The find occurred on Wednesday at a children's playpark at the Meedies and the police have been looking into the situation.

Lochore Meadows Park boss Ian Laing was also shocked by the discovery and stressed that park staff make daily checks all geared to ensuring children would be able to safely play and have fun.

Said Ian this week: "Every play area we have is searched and litter picked early each morning, so the plastic capsule that was discovered must have been accidentally dropped after 7.30.

"I believe the tablets in the capsule were of the Viagra variety which some people use as something which can give energy boosts. These small capsules are ideal for people wanting to carry small quantities of tablets they may need and what happened on Wednesday looks like the capsule fell out of a person's pocket.

"Clearly it is something that should not be found in a playpark but we do everything we can to ensure that the playparks are kept as clean as possible.

"Our aim is to provide top quality facilities for families in a lovely setting and this situation has been a real concern for me and our staff."