ELAINE Barclay is very pleased she took up the challenge offered this time last year by the Lochgelly Golf Club Committee.

The professional caterer, who became well known to the people of the town by her spell at Torleys, in High Street, was handed the opportunity in April last year to take on the running of the bar facilities and restaurant at the Cartmore Road club.

After a couple of difficult years the committee took the decision to franchise that part of the operation and within a few months things were moving along sweetly.

She said this week: "I was already involved in running franchises at Scoonie and Thornton golf clubs, and as I knew Lochgelly from my time at Torleys, I was hopeful that we could make a real go of it.

"It is important to ensure that everything is spot-on for the members but there is also the opportunity to bring other people to the club through family occasions like birthday parties and celebrations.

"However, as time has gone on we have had the opportunity to host weddings and also funerals plus charity events."

Mothers Day was a really big day for Elaine and her team, which includes barman Reece Law, with 80 bookings and she also has time to organise shows which bring people to LGC.

Elaine's celebrates her first birthday at Lochgelly this Saturday with the T Rex Glam Rock Show and already it is sold out.

Looking ahead she said: "We have regular visiting parties throughout the summer which is excellent and the members are really good to work with but I hope to come up with a few ideas to make a couple of quite times in the week that little bit busier.

"I am delighted I took on the Lochgelly GC franchise and will be looking to keep developing the business flow."