A FIFE councillor is unhappy at the amount of roadside tipping that is going on in Fife.

Councillor Jonny Tepp argued that police currently do not attach any priority to roadside littering as enforcement is extremely difficult. Police need to identify the vehicle, the individual responsible within the vehicle, and collect the ‘evidence’ to bring a successful prosecution, despite more than 20 Tonnes of roadside litter being dumped from cars onto the A92 roadside last year he was not aware of a single prosecution for this.

Certainly the A92 running past Cowdenbeath and Lochgelly suffers from a lot of carelessly discarded litter and rubbish.

Cllr Tepp said: “Roadside littering is a problem across the country.

“The impression that roadside littering leaves with visitors is appalling and surely not something that we want them to remember us for.

"The fact that the police have inadequate powers in 2019 to deal with roadside littering in Scotland is simply not on"