A SPECIAL event is being held in Lochgelly this month to mark the contribution of Jennie Lee as the first ever Government Minister for the Arts.

The event is a workshop being held at Lochgelly Centre on Tuesday April 23 between 2pm and 5pm when Knight's Theatre Company want to get local people's views on Jennie's influence as she helped establish the Open University.

The KTC's Matthew Knight said: "Jennie Lee was a miner's daughter who was born in Lochgelly and lived in Cowdenbeath.

"We are developing a play about her called 'Tomorrow is a new Day' and we want to hear from local people about her life and their thoughts and ideas about the play.

"Join us at our workshop on Tuesday April 23 at Lochgelly Centre between 2pm and 5pm, we want to hear from you."

All aged 16+ will be welcomed although pre-booking is advised via knightstheatre@outlook.com There is a free gift voucher available for everyone taking part.