SCOUTS in Cardenden have been blown away by the community's generosity after their hall was severely damaged by a fire in February.

There have been some significant financial contributions from individuals and local organisations to help the scouts get back up and running.

However, it appears it will take quite a bit of time before the group can go back home.

Whilst the 4th Fife Scout Group are insured there is quite likely to be a shortfall in the rebuild costs and recovering the complete loss of all £16,000 of camping equipment.

Here are some of the organisations that have lent their support:

Go Fund me funders (£1,799)

Individual donations (£400)

Londis (£35.74)

Auchterderran Church (£134.16)

Cardenden Community Development Forum (£1,000)

Fife Charities Trust (£1,000)

Co-op Lochgelly (£410)

Senior Citizens Club (£30)

Janette Henderson (£20)

Morrisons Cowdenbeath (£300 plus at a bag pack)

Graham Gilbert, Executive Member of 4th Fife Scout Group, said: "We are extremely grateful because we don't know the cost of the work in full yet.

"It's going to be quite difficult to raise funds from the usual sources such as the National Lottery Community Fund because we had only received that funding for the refurbished hall last year.

"We will get insurance but the rebuild will swallow that up and it's all the things that we have built up over the years such as the camping equipment which will also be costly.

"We're just starting to get things going and meeting up with the insurance company to work out whether to rebuild, demolish it or build the hall in a completely different place."

The blaze appeared to start at the back of 8pm on February 11 in the storage area at the back of the hall where such things as camping equipment, canoes and items used on a weekly basis by the strong going 4th Fife, are housed.

The outbreak has caused considerable damage to the hall, which has had upwards of £30,000 spent on it over the past few years on an upgrade which has seen many improvements achieved.

Graham added: "We have been meeting in the local community centre since.

"We've had lots of offers of help Various scout groups but there's nothing like having your own equipment.

"It's been a very difficult time for everyone but we are still meeting and we're doing the best we can in the circumstances.

"We're going to run a monthly update to let everyone know how we are doing.

"It's extremely heartening for us to get all this community support."