THE S2 World Book Day Author Event at Lochgelly High saw the school lucky enough to be able have a top writer in their midst.

A group of 28 young people from Lochgelly High School were fortunate enough to hear Martin Stewart - author of "Riverkeep" and "The Sacrifice Box" speak at the Edinburgh International Book Festival in August.

They were even luckier to secure Live Literature funding from the Scottish Book Trust and the school used this to invite Martin to Lochgelly to talk about his writing and his novels with the S2 cohort on Wednesday March 13.

Many of the classes had read a little/the opening chapters of his novels. 2T1 had read up to Chapter 15 of "The Sacrifice Box" and they emailed him their questions about the novel prior to his arrival.

He brilliantly answered the questions as part of his presentation and the class were hooked because their questions were on the screen!

In addition, 1F had a surprise classroom visit when he realised that they were in the English Deparmentt. Immediately after his C2 presentation with S2 he "popped along" to answer the questions that they had sent to him on "Riverkeep" - they (and Mrs Drummond!) were agog!