LOOKING ahead to next year are a group of LHS students.

The following pupils are very excited to announce they have signed up to go on a four week adventure trip to Kenya in the summer of 2020: Nathan Mitchell, Kaitlin Hargrave, Abbie Reid, Daisy Saunders and Amy King.

Each of the young people is responsible for raising the £3,800 they need for the trip and have been undertaking a variety of different activities including school bake sales, car washes, getting part time jobs and babysitting!

During the four week trip the group will take part in community support projects where they will work with the locals to build housing, contribute towards school projects and put in place wildlife and nature initiatives to help protect animal species.

As well as all this, the team will be undertaking a four day hike up Mount Kenya – the second highest mountain in Africa!

This is an incredible opportunity for the young people to develop their confidence and team working skills as well as to spend four weeks in a completely different part of the world and immerse themselves into a different culture!

People should remember to please keep their eyes peeled for a variety of different ways to support the team with their fundraising!