A RARE opportunity is being given to attend a four day Woodturning Workshop from April 18 to 18 at Lochgelly High School Community Use.

This will run from 10 to 1pm each day.

Said a spokesperson for LHS Community Use: "Jack Kirkpatrick, our local Woodturner, will provide the opportunity to learn skills and give advice on woodturning.

"Woodturning is a hobby that is enjoyed by many and seeing a lump of tree turned into an object that shows the beauty of the wood is very pleasing.

"It will be a small sized class of five due to the number of lathes available".

Please call 01592 583493 to secure a place on the workshop if you would like to learn more about woodturning.

The classes a couple of years ago saw people turning out some lovely objects after only a few hours of learning the skills.