SOMEONE could be seriously injured or even worse by wandering on to Lochgelly golf course.

As 2019 has evolved Lochgelly Golf Club officials have become aware of dog walkers and other people using the club policies, off Cartmore Road, as a short cut.

Club president Derek Clark warned this week that it is a very dangerous practice and said that from the end of March to late September the course gets very busy for up to 15 hours a day.

Said Derek: "We do not have a problem with people walking on the course as long as they stick to the edges of the playing area.

"We have experienced people simply walking across the fairways which really is dangerous.

"A ball could suddenly appear and hit a casual walker, and remember it is travelling at over 100mph and is a very hard object. If it was to hit a person on the head it could cause serious damage."

He added: "Once we get into the season, from the start of April, there will be golf balls flying up and down the fairways, which is relatively safe for those playing as they know what to expec,t but for someone just casually straying on to the course it could have a catastrophic end.

"So if you are walking your dog or just out for a casual stroll, please stick to the edges of the course and stay off the fairways as there will be golf balls flying about from seven in the morning until late at night."

The course is private property and if people follow the advised ways of walking on it club officials have no problems with that but people simply taking short cuts across fairways could find themselves being injured.