IMAGINATIONS were running wild at Benarty Primary School on Thursday for World Book Day.

And it was not just the pupils who were having a lot of fun dressing up like their favourite characters, the teachers were also entering into the spirit of the day!

The activities began at the start of Thursday's school day and saw a fashion show go ahead to let the kids show off their costumes which had been carefully made.

One of the teachers involved in the organisation of the event, Emilie Rosiender, and she said: "Everyone in the school was involved in the day and it was all about encouraging the children to enjoy reading.

"The older children read stories to the younger pupils and a member of the library service at Benarty Centre was involved in the day and enjoyed helping the children to get the most out of their reading activities."

Emilie added that many staff members had created costumes based on their own favourite characters which all added to the fun of the day.

She added: "The children had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed World Book Day and hopefully we can run similar events in the future."