SEPSIS survivor, Marguerite Henderson, has had a major boost as she rebuilds her life after the horrific time she suffered in 2018.

The Crosshill woman has just moved into her specially designed new home, set in an extension to her daughter Kimberley's house, which will allow her to live as normal a life as possible.

It was this time last year that the Crosshill woman's terrible Sepsis experience began.

Marguerite found the condition developing from a small paper cut and it led to her having to have both her lower legs amputated along with her left lower arm, to survive as the poison invaded her body.

But the backing of the community and her family has, she says, seen her through the horrific time and the latest group to make a donation to the fund set up by her family, was a cheque donated by members of Lodge Ballingry 1183.

RWM Robert Glencross is seen presenting a cheque for £500 to Marguerite, which was the proceeds of a fundraising diary run by members of the Lodge.

Marguerite said this week: "I cannot express strongly enough my appreciation at receiving this generous donation.

"This cheque, with all other fundraising money received, has allowed me to build my new home which I moved into at the beginning of February.

"It’s not totally finished yet but already it has given me so much more independence, making my life a lot less difficult and restrictive".

Thanks to support from the Mary Leishman Foundation, Marguerite has a new motorised wheelchair which is making a huge difference to her life: "It’s made me so much more independent. It means I can still be mobile inside the house when I have my prosthetic legs off, and allows me to get outdoors without someone having to push me.

"It has been a long haul but thanks to everyone's support I am getting back to some sort of normality and I just don't know what to say to everyone who has supported me."