A COMMUNITY project in Kelty which started in 2018 has really taken off.

Since opening in August 2018 the Oor Wee Cafe project has gone from strength to strength.

This runs every Tuesday from 12 -2pm in Kelty Community Centre and is a volunteer run, non profit organisation.

One of the people involved in seeing the project is Linzi Forbes: "We still get weekly donations from Tesco, Gregg's, the Co-op and Stephen's each week, thanks to our volunteer drivers. The rolls we get from Stephens go out on the tables for customers to enjoy as do the cakes from Gregg's.

"The other end of day fresh food we get is on a donation table in the cafe each week and all customers are welcome to take anything thing they need for a small donation if they can afford, it or for free, if they are struggling.

"Last week we had 60 visitors to the cafe, we were overwhelmed but bursting with pride".

Linzi added: "We are also delighted to say we will now also be in receipt of Sanitary products. "This is a Government initiative being run by Fairshare and we are pleased to be a part of it, these products will be available in the cafe on the donation table each week for a small donation (free if you cannot afford a donation).

"The cafe also holds Drop ins each week where different organisations come in and offer support or information to the customers".

The community cafe has had many organisations 'dropping in' in since starting out and it is going well. The following drop-ins are arranged currently, 19/2 Shop Mobility; 26/2 Pain Association 5/3; Christians Against Poverty; 12/3 The Silver Line; 19/3 the Safer Communities team; 2/4 Claire Baker MSP.

These drop-ins are open to anyone so if you have a particular interest in any pop in that day.

Added Linzi: "What we are finding, however, is that our donation table is low on tins, packets, dry foods etc. "We get very little of these types of goods from the shops so would like to ask if anyone would be able to hand any these types of foods in. If you have any food at home getting dusty in the back of the cupboard for example you could pop it into us.

"Alternatively you may like to put a box in your work place/church where your colleagues/friends may wish to hand in a small donation each. Every little helps, even if its just one pack of dried pasta, that can be everything to the person who is hungry.

"We would be grateful for anything at all ie any tinned foods, dried foods, toiletries, washing powder and even cat or dog food (can't forget the fur babies). You can hand it into the cafe on a Tuesday or into reception during opening hours.

"If anyone has a box needing collected you can let us know and we can try and pick it up".

Check the community cafe out on Facebook@oorweecafe or email us at oorweecafe@yahoo.com or call Linzi on 07535 650 273.