IT’S Sweden here we come!

Beath High wish to share with you all some news.

Three of their 6th year pupils applied for the Sweden Coaching Placement in the Easter Holidays; Maia Beeson, Rhona Wilson and Alice Fox.

This was put out Fife wide with over 40 applicants in total.

This was narrowed down to 22 names based on their application, and these shortlisted pupils then took part in a selection day at Beath on Saturday past.

They had to prepare and deliver a practical assessment and complete a traditional interview, including a prepared scenario answer.

Of the 22 children present the three pupils scored 1st, 2nd and 4th across both areas combined and have therefore been successful in gaining three of the 12 places available.

Said a member of staff: “I cannot stress how well they have done and will as a result get a fantastic experience in Sweden in the Easter holidays.

We at Beath congratulate them all and hope they have a fantastic time in Scandinavia.

“It’will be a valuable experience”.