THE mysteries of music and the science of sound were uncovered at Lumphinnans Primary School on Thursday.

Pupils were treated to a workshop from Generation Science, a touring programme of science shows delivered by the Edinburgh Science Festival.

The interactive session, funded by ExxonMobil as part of its UK wide Link Schools programme, looked into sound and investigated pitch, volume and amplification.

The budding scientists were treated to demonstrations featuring slow motion videos, digital voice recording and an amazing air zooka!

Acting depute head, Lee Waugh, said they were very excited to welcome Generation Science to the school.

She added: "Good Vibrations is a brilliant way of teaching our pupils about sound in a fun and enjoyable way by using a hands-on practical approach, which we can then follow up with general discussion.”

Joan Davidson, Generation Science's head of education, said the visit was one of 600 they will make in Scotland this year.

"We aim to improve the provision of science education in Scottish primary schools, to bring science to life in the classroom and to educate and inspire young learners in science," she explained.

Good Vibrations is one of 15 amazing shows and workshops provided by Generation Science that are designed to make science fun, exciting, easy to understand and to help teachers cover the school science curriculum.