A LOCHGELLY man who was found walking on a carriageway drunk, violently struggled with police who were trying to help him.

Kieran Gray, 25, of Fraser Drive, Lochgelly, previously admitted that on January 1 at Station Road and Great North Road, Kelty, he did assault Constable Alasdair Young, then in the execution of his duty and did repeatedly attempt to punch him on head and attempt to bite him on the body.

He also did resist, obstruct or hinder Alasdair Young and Andrew Lonie, both constables, then in the execution of their duty and did struggle violently, lash out with his arms and kick out with his legs.

Depute fiscal, Catherine Fraser, explained that police received a call at 19.49 from a concerned member of the public informing them that there was an intoxicated male staggering on and off a carriageway with dark clothing.

They then found a male attempting to run across the grass verge, unsteady on his feet, in the described clothing.

The police stopped and Gray shouted at officers, "What do you want".

They noticed that he was foaming at the mouth. He then shouted, "Get away from me or you will get hurt".

Gray clenched his fists and without warning he swung his right fist at PC Young, but the officer managed to duck to avoid contact.

While the other PC got his baton, he shouted at Gray to desist and get on the ground, but he ignored the instructions and took a second swing at Young's face.

At that point he was struck by the baton, but it had no effect and he continue towards PC Young.

Gray was hit on the shoulder blade by a baton and he began struggling with the two officers for around three minutes while they tried to restrain him, lashing out.

He then attempted to bite Young on the arm and at that point he was put in leg restraints.

When cautioned and charged he replied: "I know what I done was wrong. The way I reacted was out of bounds."

Defence solicitor, Ms Milligan, said her client was "not normally a drinker".

"He was with his family that evening," Ms Milligan said.

"His mother's partner was filling up his glass and he lost track of what he was drinking.

"A derogatory comment about his parenting was made, an argument ensued, and he left the property.

"He remained in agitated state and behaved in the manner detailed.

"He struggles to maintain his emotions.

"There was no element of planning of this offence.

"He wanted to apologise to the officers involved.

" His most recent conviction was in 2016. There has never been a breach of his community payback order which has been running for two years."

Sheriff James Mcdonald said: "This was a sustained episode."

He imposed a community payback order of 160 hours.