A KELTY man who broke his bail just a day after it was granted has been jailed.

James Murray, 51, of Keltyhill Crescent, Kelty, previously admitted that being an accused person having been granted bail on January 3 at Dunfermline Sheriff Court and being subject to the condition that he did not enter an address in Kelty or contact or attempt to contact a female, did on January 4 at the same address fail without reasonable excuse to comply with said condition in respect that he did enter that street and approach and contact the said female.

Murray appeared for sentencing after being remanded since January 7.

Defence solicitor, Elaine Buist, said: "I do not think he understood the seriousness of the breach. After being apprehended for 25 days he has got the message."

Sheriff James Mcdonald told Murray that this was a "deliberate act of defiance against the Court".

He said breaching bail was "prevalent" in this jurisdiction and that the Court would punish those that seek to defy its authority.

Murray was jailed for 40 days.