A DRINK-DRIVER was caught behind the wheel THREE times over the limit when a witness tipped off police in Kelty.

Officers then witnessed Stephen Macdonald staggering on his feet before driving off down Main Street.

Macdonald, 43, of Sinclair Drive, Cowdenbeath, previously admitted that on January 6 at Main Street, Kelty, he did drive a motor vehicle after consuming so much alcohol that the proportion of it in his breath was 80 microgrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath which exceeded the prescribed limit, namely 22 microgrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath.

Depute-fiscal, Catherine Fraser, said it was 8.51am when police received a call in connection with a potential drink-driver on Main Street, in Kelty.

The member of public gave a description of the driver and vehicle and said that they had seen him go into a flat on the road.

He was described as being unsteady on his feet and had nearly fallen over a fence while getting out of the car.

When officers came they observed the area and noticed the boot was open of the mentioned vehicle.

At 9.10am they saw a man wearing the clothing described by the witness.

"He was clearly unsteady on his feet," Ms Fraser said.

The driver closed the boot of the car and drove off. He was thereafter pursued and stopped.

A breathalyser test was undertaken which proved positive and Macdonald was then taken to Dunfermline Police Station to take another reading.

Defence solicitor, Alexander Flett, explained that his client was currently not working and had been signed-off work sick for six weeks for a bad foot.

"He lives with his partner and they are solely reliant on her wage," Mr Flett said.

"There is also a child, but he is fairly independent.

"So, money is tight currently.

"He cannot explain why he drove, he can only put it down to being emotionally stressed.

"He doesn't normally consume alcohol. He had had got up in the middle of the night and had some drinks.

"His partner works in Dalgety Bay and the child goes to college in Rosyth and he calculates that will cost them an extra £200 per month to fund now that he can't drive."

Sheriff James Macdonald said: "This is a high reading and that will be reflected in the penalty."

The Sheriff imposed a £400 fine and disqualified Macdonald from driving for 16 months.