A HOGMANAY celebration for one Cowdenbeath man turned sour and ended in him smashing a window and slapping his sister.

Michael Stobbs let alcohol get the better of him and started acting in an aggressive manner towards his siblings after a conversation turned heated.

Stobbs, 31, of Valleyfield Place, appeared for sentencing at Dunfermline Sheriff Court on Wednesday.

He previously admitted that on January 1, 2019 at his home address he behaved in a threatening or abusive manner which was likely to cause fear or alarm in that he did act in an aggressive and confrontational manner, shout, swear, smash a window and throw household items, causing damage to property.

Stobbs also pleaded guilty to assaulting his sister, pushing her and striking her on the head.

Both offences were committed after he had been granted bail on December 2.

Depute fiscal, Catherine Fraser, explained that Stobbs became aggressive as he was celebrating New Year with his brother and sister after a conversation started about the death of his child.

Further along in the night, at 1am, the sister received a call from her niece saying that the accused was kicking off and was consuming alcohol at a different address.

The sister called for a taxi and it arrived 45 minutes later, but the accused was then seen walking around the street where his siblings were, talking about things in relation to the loss of his child.

At that point a police van passed asking if they were ok, but they were not needed at that time.

The sister went back into the property where the other brother was, but the accused’s behaviour escalated, Ms Fraser explained.

“He threw small items around the property and she tried to calm him down, but he then knocked down a cabinet in the living room,” she said.

“He began an argument with his brother and the sister tried to stop him, but the accused pushed her and slapped her on the face.

“She then went outside and called the police.”

When officers arrived at about 2.15am they saw the accused from the window throwing items around the living room and that he had tipped over a cabinet.

They also saw that a window pane had been smashed and he was arrested.

Defence solicitor, Alexander Flett, said his client had previous convictions but had never served a custodial sentence.

“Mr Stobbs is very apologetic about what has taken place,” Mr Flett.

“He does not regularly drink alcohol, but he was celebrating the New Year.

“There was a conversation that upset him, he does not have much recollection of what he did, but he accepts what he did.

"He has made his peace with the family and his sister has forgiven him.”

Sheriff James Mcdonald said: “Your offending history and the details of the present case cause me concern.

“What is happening here is there is an emerging pattern of violence and disorder in a family setting.

“From the social report there are a number or risks that need to be addressed.”

The sheriff imposed a community payback order of 12 months supervision and 120 hours of unpaid work.