A MUM this week told of the horrendous experience that the spiking of her son's drink caused him and pleaded with people not to leave drinks unattended in pubs and clubs.

The lady used what happened to her son as an example of what can happen if you are off guard even for a matter of minutes, when when out enjoying yourself.

The lady, who wished to remain anonymous, said that the incident happened on the evening of Saturday January 12 when her 19 year old son, a former pupil at Lochgelly High School, went out with friends to a Kirkcaldy nitespot.

She said: "He had gone out in high spirits to have an enjoyable night but that all changed when someone spiked his drink with a drug.

"My son has epilepsy and he and his friends had left their drinks on their table for only a few minutes.

"But within minutes of taking a few sips after they returned he started to feel really strange and such was his condition he had to leave the nitespot but then did not really know where he was and a police car was called and he was brought home.

"By Monday he said he felt a bit better and decided to go to work, but within a matter of a few hours he started to feel very poorly and I had to go to get him and take him to the Victoria Hospital."

The mum added: "The drug was still in his system and causing the bother and it was a full week before it cleared away, so a nice night was turned into a long nightmare by whoever spiked his drink.

"The management of the nitespot were very helpful but the only way people can be safe from being invaded by these people who seem to take a lot of pleasure from spiking drinks is to not touch your drink if you leave it for any length of time.

"My son's confidence took a dent from the incident but he won't leave his drink unattended again."