A 20-year-old Lochgelly man threw a brick through a window, ransacked the property then stole a TV and other items.

The stolen goods were later returned to a police station by the thief’s mother.

Jamie Napier, who lived in Rosyth, and later Lochgelly, has now been jailed for over 28 months for the break-in and a string of other offences including vicious assaults.

He attacked a man in Inverkeithing, leaving him unconscious in the street, and he also kicked a man in the head after a fight in a Rosyth pub.

Napier broke into a woman’s home in Lochgelly by smashing a window, climbing inside and stealing her property.

The woman was not at home but the thief left his blood stains on the floor and curtains.

Napier, of North Street, Lochgelly, appeared for sentencing at Dunfermline Sheriff Court.

He previously admitted that on May 10 he broke into a house in Chapel Street, Lochgelly, and stole a television, two hold-all bags and a sound bar.

The Court was told some of the stolen property was handed in to the police station by his mum using a false name and the TV was later found in the street near the woman’s home.

Napier previously admitted that on October 13 at CJs pool hall, Queensferry Road, he assaulted a man by struggling and fighting with him under provocation and then kicked him on the head, rendering him unconscious, all to his injury.

He was also previously found guilty after trial of a street assault in Inverkeithing.

The victim was left unconscious on the ground with serious facial injuries. He sustained fractures including a broken nose and eye socket in the incident which took place near a bar.

The altercation occurred on the day of the Inverkeithing Highland Games when the town was busy and there was a funfair in the High Street.

Napier had told police that he was acting in self-defence during the incident but also admitted punching a man when he was on the ground.

Friends of the victim rushed from the Hat and Ribbon Bar and found him lying unconscious with Napier standing over him.

After a two-day trial he was convicted of two charges.

On August 4, 2017 at Back o’ Yards, Inverkeithing, he assaulted a man by punching him on the face whilst he was on the ground, to his severe injury. He was also found guilty of shouting and challenging others to fight, acting under provocation.

Napier also admitted that on November 24 at Coral Bookmakers, Rosyth, he acted in an aggressive manner and repeatedly made threats of violence.

Sheriff Charles MacNair imposed jail sentences totalling more than 28 months.