AN appeal has gone out to the young motorists who congregate in a Cowdenbeath car park to think before they recklessly discard rubbish causing a terrible mess in the centre of the town.

One of Cowdenbeath's taxi drivers, Colin Sneddon, was on duty on Thursday night and parked up near the Shimla Palace restaurant, at Central Park, and was really concerned with what he saw.

Said Colin: "There must have been between 10 and 15 cars came into the car park and the youngsters were sitting in their vehicles blethering, but then they clearly had been having carry out meals and rather put their rubbish in the bins there they just rolled down their windows and threw it out on to the car park.

"I went down on Friday and it was a right mess that had gathered. The thing was they are not causing any real bother, but simply throwing rubbish about which is leaving a right old mess in the centre of the town."

Local councillor Darren Watt is very concerned by the situation: "It is deeply worrying we are experiencing such blatant littering and what really is tantamount to anti-social behaviour in the centre of town.

"It appears it's young adults in their cars who are making a nuisance of themselves and it is very likely few of them are local and therefore have absolutely no regard for our town or our community".

He added: "We have recently seen a lot of investment in Cowdenbeath (the SUSTRANS project) and there is no doubt the town is on the rise. The last thing we need is mindless and ignorant individuals dragging us down".

He added: "I must thank and praise our local Fife Council Safer Communities Team for their quick response and prompt action.

"I will continue to work alongside our local Police Officers and the Safer Communities Team in an effort to crack down on such issues and ensure we don't see any such further incidents in and around our town."