THERE are plans for a huge solar farm to the north of the Halbeath Park and Ride site.

Green Energy International, of Cheshire, are hoping Fife Council will grant permission to turn sunlight into power at Keirsbeath Farm, between Hill of Beath and Crossgates.

They plan to use 110 acres for the solar farm, which would be to the east of the M90 motorway and consist of rows of south-facing panels to generate renewable energy.

The firm have asked the council for a screening opinion about their proposals and a statement said: "The purpose of the development is to provide a large-scale renewable electricity source that will be connected to the National Grid.

"The desired installation will be a 25MWp PV (mega watt peak photovoltaic) solar farm, covering approximately 110 acres, with all related equipment and structures including monitoring meters and surveillance equipment along

with any necessary security fencing."

Green Energy said the site was "not prime agricultural land" and the generation of renewable energy from natural resources would not have a significant environmental impact.

If approved, the solar farm would be built in only around 12 weeks.

The firm added: "The development is a passive development in that there will be no pollution or emissions of gas, noise, light or waste once construction is completed.

"Therefore the development is not dissimilar to the farming processes that farmers can undertake without planning permission i.e. laying polythene sheeting for potato cultivation.

"There are no mechanical parts with the panels so there will be no noise generated by their presence on the site and so there will definitely be no noise impact on even the nearest local residents.

"Any hedgerows and trees on site will not need to be removed or destroyed for the development of

the solar farm."

The panels would be around a metre off the ground with a maximum height of 2.3m from ground level.

Green Energy said that if an environmental impact assessment was not required, they would submit a planning application.