THE vandals were at it again in Cowdenbeath's Community Woodland over the weekend.

This time the would-be vandals purloined five more wheelie bins and destroyed them by setting these on fire between Friday and Monday.

The Cowdenbeath Environment Group members were again disappointed by the 'needless' vandalism.

Said one of the Group: "I was over woods on Monday morning and discovered that five more wheelie bins had been set ablaze and destroyed at the weekend.

"That brings the total to 63 bins destroyed between 2018 and the first week of this year, absolutely needless destruction."

Householders in streets around the Community Woodland, which lies between Cowdenbeath and Crossgates, have seen their bins disappear as the vandals continue to steal them from outside people's doors and drag them into the Woodland before setting them alight.

Added the disappointed Environment Group member: "These bins are not cheap and the vandals' actions are costing thousands of pounds of damage and at the same time leaving a mess in our Woodland."

The police make regular trips to the Woodland area but catching the culprits is not easy in a fairly big area.